The Myth of One Time

Would you workout 1 time and expect miracles to happen?


Would you brush your teeth once and expect to prevent tooth decay?


Would you change your oil once and expect your car to be maintained for the rest of its life?


Then why do people expect that 25 years worth of neglect, degeneration, damage, and arthritis can be healed with 1 Chiropractic Adjustment?

People only have this mentality when it comes to the TRUE Healing Arts like Chiropractic. They expect to be better with 1 visit and then blame the Chiropractor when it doesn’t happen. In no other profession do they expect to be healed with one “treatment.”

For example, people take their Meds Daily which do nothing to actually “cure” the cause of their health problems. In fact, plenty of evidence suggests that taking medications is practically the worst thing people can do regularly. YET, people take their drugs daily!

They have no problem taking 800mg of Ibuprofen twice a day for years at the expense of their liver and kidneys…


If it were you wouldn’t have the majority of Americans taking drugs regularly, yet SICKER than ever!

THERE is no instant healing. All healing takes time. Unless, God decides to heal you instantaneously, there is NO instant healing.

True healing takes time, it takes work, and it requires energy! BUT it’s way more worth it to do that than pay the ultimate price later.



Then call Dr. Dan Cocks at (410) 256-3641 today!

Family Chiropractic Center of Perry Hall
9309 Belair Rd Suite C
Nottingham, MD 21236

How We Are Different

Dr. Cocks is a unique Perry Hall chiropractor who specializes in difficult cases that have not responded to other care. All treatment plans are highly individualized based on your specific history, needs and goals.

Areas We Serve

We are located in Nottingham/Perry Hall and serve the communities that reside in zip codes 21236, 21234, 21128, 21085, 21087, 21082, 21286, 21051, 21047, and 21162. However, we see patients from a large radius around Eastern Baltimore County and Harford County because of the unique, customized treatment options we offer.

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